Improve your workflow with SCADA

The more informed you are about the inner workings of your machinery and processes, the easier it is to scale production accordingly. With supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, you can effectively monitor, optimize, and adjust the health of your equipment with minimal hassle.

A SCADA computer system includes:

  • Real-time data reading, reporting and analysis
  • Updated warnings and alarms for malfunctioning equipment with a state-of-the-art monitoring system
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control of each element of your installation, no matter where it is located
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Solutions
  • Web-based process control equipment
  • User-friendly interface so you can always process data efficiently.

A SCADA system is an interconnected platform of hardware and software elements that seamlessly combine to give industrial companies the ability to integrate various disparate aspects of their workflow. They can help you maintain a predictable workload, simplify data processing, and optimize your communications network for efficient performance. They work by incorporating programmable logic controllers (PLC) and remote terminal units (RTU).

The best way to increase productivity and optimize performance is to have access to relevant and useful information. The more data you collect, process and analyze, the easier it will be to identify problem areas on your assembly line.

SCADA systems are ideal for any company looking to gain superior control over its infrastructure and processes.

If you want to mitigate the problems that challenge your facilities, you need to be able to predict what’s to come. Accurately accounting for potential threats to your environment and workflow, whether for routine maintenance or something more serious, allows your facility to stay ahead of the curve and avoid significant downtime.

HEXA Ingenieros’ SCADA systems keep your entire team on top of your processes, offering unprecedented access to key areas of your operation. The easiest way to keep production costs low (and predictable) is to have a deep understanding of how your entire system works. With cutting-edge and customized software from the HEXA Ingenieros team of experts, you’ll be in the best possible position for the best performance, no matter what.

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