Handling and palletizing for bottling plants

Case Study
Project objective

The project consists of developing a control and supervision system for a bottling plant. The current system controls the palletizing and transport processes of bottles and packs of three production lines.

The processes to be controlled are:

  • Palletizers and stretch wrappers process.
  • Conveyor line processing.
  • Communication processes with other machines: filler, shrink-wrapper, labeling machine...
  • The controllers are S7-300 CPU313C developed by Step7 v5.4 and S7-200 CPU226 developed by MicroWin.
  • The operating panels are developed using WinCC Flexible.
  • Communications between S7-300 and Panels: they are done through MPI network.
  • Communication with variable speed drives: they are made through Profibus network.
  • Increased throughput of all production lines due to improved layout after the refurbishment.
  • Space for a new production line.
  • Easy handling of equipment, process operations and alarm diagnostics.
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