Data extraction to insql server

Case Study
Project objective
  • The facility has a production information capture system to integrate it into its corporate management system (MIDL - Oracle).
  • The information is obtained from the field control elements (Siemens controllers) through gateway type elements. This information is transmitted via Ethernet network to a concentrator (computer with ProServer software). The INSQL application is responsible for storing the information read from the field in a SQL Server 2000 database.
  • The information stored by INSQL is based on periodic or event-driven planning.
  • The main function of INSQL will be to call stored procedures that reside in the MIDL database. By means of these procedures it will transfer the data of piece counters or cycles, waste counters, as well as process parameters (periodically) and stops for different causes (events), of the different machines.
  • Productivity reports in Excel and html formats are generated through Active Factory (Wonderware).
  • Modules: Factory Gateway.
  • Software: Proserver, INSQL Sever and Active Factory.
  • Communication protocols: OPC and DDE.
  • Database: SQL Server.
  • Networks: Ethernet IP.
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