Control and supervision for purified water loop

Case Study
Project objective

Supervision and control system in pharmaceutical plant. The system controls the processes and elements associated with the generation, distribution and consumption points of the purified water loop.

The processes that are controlled are:

  • Automatic generation process.
  • Automatic distribution process.
  • Status of consumption points.
  • Display of device status.
  • Manual handling of devices.
  • Modification of operating parameters.
  • Generation of sterilization and sanitization reports.

The control system is based on Siemens and Omron technology:

  • The system is part of an overall system developed using PCS7 with client-server architecture.
  • The controllers are an S7-400 CPU416-2 DP developed using PCS7 v6.0 and an S7-300 CPU315-2 DP developed using Step7 v5.4.
  • The SCADA is developed using WinCC.
  • SCADA communications with the S7-400: are carried out through Ethernet network.
  • S7-400 communications with S7-300: they are made through Profibus network.
  • S7-400 communications with Omron's PLCs: are done through serial communication via OPC.
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