HEXA INGENIEROS is synonymous with technology, professionalism and reliability. Going with HEXA hand in hand is always a safe bet.
We feel fortunate to be able to share so many projects with you, because if your technical level is high, your human side is even better. THANK YOU

Pedro Elorriaga - Commercial Director

Hexa Ingeniería is a benchmark for teamwork, providing practical and imaginative solutions. Flexible and reactive, very good implementation and service. Someone to trust!

Becton Dickinson
Federico Granda

“The degree of involvement, effort and attention to detail that Hexa Ingenieros offers is what makes the difference between something good and something excellent”

Becton Dickinson
Sergio garcia
Molding Process Engineer

Hexa Ingenieros is a benchmark in the industrial sector.
Seventeen years of working together make us have extensive endorsements of praise. To speak of Hexa Ingenieros is to speak of a responsible, dynamic, innovative, evolutionary company with resolutions to each technological challenge.
Thank you very much for continuing to be part of us.

Andrés Asenjo - CEO

Long collaboration with Hexa Ingenieros since the beginning of our industrial activity almost 19 years ago. They have always understood our needs in both urgent and innovative solutions that have allowed us to have our facilities updated and the latest in technology. Thank you very much for your support, professionalism and preparation during all these years. More than a supplier, we have always considered you as a partner to evolve and improve due to the close treatment we have received from you. I hope that we continue this excellent relationship and continue to improve and evolve together.

Ramón Gonzalez Morón - Factory Director
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