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At HEXA Ingenieros we are experts in industrial automation and software development. The ability to intercommunicate different technologies and solutions will enable you to digitize your factory.

A management software is useless without automated useful data collection. At HEXA we not only collect them, but we are able to generate them in case you don’t have them.

Our ability to integrate systems will allow you to grow as much as you want. You will be able to implement new production lines without disturbing your work tools.

It is increasingly important that both worlds converge. Automated solutions must be connected to IT solutions without affecting the efficiency of the production process.

It is important that clients put themselves in the hands of a specialized consultancy, which has sufficient experience in the increasingly interconnected IT and OT worlds. And also, so much in need of being understood as a global one, so that the implementation and management experience is as appropriate as possible. Furthermore, the fact that a single company is capable of designing and coordinating both worlds within the company means significant cost savings.

A consulting firm specialized in both IT and OT facilitates access to real-time data from manufacturing operations or improves the possibility of monetizing and creating new business opportunities through a better understanding of production data. The aforementioned convergence also positively affects efficiency, through the reduction of process duplications, to cite an example.

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