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Certified quality

Hexa Ingenieros is certified by BVQI Spain with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard in consulting, design and development, installation and maintenance of systems for the automation, supervision, control and information management of industrial processes. Bureau Veritas Certification.

From the management of HEXA INGENIEROS, the development of satisfactory engineering projects for the client is conceived based on quality understood as a system.

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Hexa Ingenieros offers each of its clients a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs. At Hexa Ingenieros the client has advice and consultancy to achieve the optimization and improvement of their projects.

Hexa Ingenieros is committed to responding to its clients with the appropriate technical and human resources to achieve the objectives set out in the projects.

For Hexa Ingenieros, customer satisfaction is a priority. This allows us to achieve long-term relationships. Our relationship with clients and suppliers maintains confidentiality relationships that guarantee professional secrecy.

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