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Objective of the project

The project consists of creating a recipe management system with which to control the manufacture of the product according to the planning of production orders. The management system consists of several applications with a WEB interface that allow different users to create formulation recipes and plan manufacturing orders, as well as the generation of dosage reports.

Other applications communicate the business layer with automation systems for sending orders and recipes and reading results and machine status. All the information is stored in the SQL Server database and finally, production data is exported to the corporate SAP system.

The system is based on Rockwell Automation control hardware and software:

  • ControlLogix PLC control system.
  • Touch panel operation in plant.
  • Recipe and production management web application developed in Microsoft .NET technology
  • SQL Server database.
  • Information and control network: Ethernet IP.
  • In this way, the traceability of the ingredients used is maintained.
  • All information is available to all users directly through reports on the web adapted to the user’s profile.
  • This application serves the Purchasing, Planning, Production, Quality and Management Departments.
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