On 24 September, Madrid was the venue chosen to unveil, in partnership with Signeblock, our industrial factory-to-user traceability SOLUTION designed to verify processes and detect fraudulent or black-market products.

This traceability is achieved by combining an automated plant system with the full post-production traceability provided by blockchain and reinforced by DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions.

During the presentation, we showed our pharmaceutical and food industry clients the benefits of blockchain-based traceability systems and demonstrated, in situ, industrial digitization’s advantages in terms of flexibility, quality and efficiency.

Blockchain’s key features are that the data it carries remain unaltered and inviolable.

Integrating emerging technologies with traditional IT and automation enables us to optimize resources and guarantee information veracity at every stage of the production process.

The partnership between Signeblock and Hexa Ingenieros makes this fusion possible, resulting in an enhanced and highly reliable solution in which, on the one hand, Hexa directly provides Signe with the machine data —in real time and with full end-to-end traceability— while, on the other, Signe creates the added value that Hexa needs to differentiate itself in implementing blockchain-based traceability systems.

Our solutions feature Integrated Control Systems in which information on the processes and production lines employed is generated in real time on a blockchain network that guarantees that the data remain unaltered from the source through to sale and delivery of the finished product.

We have the solution, it is fully functional and can be integrated into any process.

We would like to thank the attendees for their time. What better way to explain our product than by inviting our clients to a practical demonstration!

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