After completing the first two phases of the project, we are moving forward to the implementation of MES system.

Procavi, a food company which is part of the Grupo Fuertes, is currently the market leader in the turkey meat industry. It has been investing in the last years to modernize its facilities and become the most advanced technological reference in its sector.

Automation and Industry 4.0:
In this technological investment process, Procavi entrusted Hexa Ingenieros in 2015 in order to implement a MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) system at its plant in Marchena.

The system is being developed with Siemens SIMATIC IT MES, in which Hexa Ingenieros is a certified Partner.

The implementation of MES system allows Procavi to centralize control and management of production and have real-time information throughout the manufacturing process. The system performs the integral management of all manufacturing processes, from the dressing to the delivery process, going through different areas of the factory: slaughter, classification, preparation, freezing packaging, palletizing, intermediate storage…

The automation of the factory provides strategic information in real-time, product traceability throughout the production process, improved product quality and the different processes that lead to a significant reduction in costs.

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