MES/MOM is a part that  connects elements of control in a company’s ERP. The downside before its implementation is the lack of information regarding the matter. Many players may be skeptical to this innovation, but there seems to be thousands of success stories where  effectiveness of MES/MOM can be found. However, it is not a kind of information that  everyone should be aware of. The reason for choosing MES/MOM is that exchange of Control Data in work stations  and different departments allows improving  production process. It is referred to as  vertical integration since information, from the beginning to the end of the process, is made available in real time. 

The main advantage is that decisions can be taken instantaneously which can result to a reduction of TIME-TO-MARKET. Demand from consumers is highly increasing and products are constantly changing. This makes production processes adapt quickly and effectively as well as avoid the risk of “death due to success”; i.e., unable to meet a large demand for product since the process is not prepared to provide market requirements. 

Another advantage is the increase in productivity. It is possible to easily analyze the results of the production process, showing where and when the process is more cost-effective and at which points can be optimized in order to make a faster and more effective improvement plan. 

Another great benefit is cost reduction. Everything is computerized so human error is discarded, paper disappears, forms and fact sheets will not be used. It thereby eliminates the loss of time in moving documents from one side to another. It improves work performance; operators  spend their time on more productive tasks. Quality is also achieved. It allows exchanging data between the Laboratory and Quality Department.  In case a product is detected as defective and needed to be verified, one can know when the lot was manufactured or who did the batch or where it was stored at such  precise moment. All information can be immediately determined.

And finally: innovation. Assimilating risk in creating more complex products since the analysis of results is very fast. The ability to effectively manage and handle real time information quickly and easily, as well as  optimization of the process, which is why  MES/MOM is chosen as a solution.

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