We have defined the papermaking process for more than 15 years.

The demands throughout the last 20 years in the manufacture of paper have been increasing. In this case, the control and automation system of the manufacturing lines is not complex.

The complicated thing is to integrate this entire system under a layer of control and security that allows the safe manufacture of the product without loss of either the product itself or the data. For this, HEXA Ingenieros has an experience of more than 15 years helping our clients in this sector; with its own world-class leading technology.

At HEXA we sign DNA confidentiality contracts to ensure the peace of mind of our clients.

Traceability systems: To achieve both greater transparency and comprehensive monitoring tools, traceability systems can be of great help to your installation. They enable higher productivity, minimal operating costs, and repeatable quality control.

MES / MOM solutions: real-time support is essential for the supply chain. MES / MOM solutions offer instant decision-making capabilities and help drive successful results for your business through continuous data sharing, analysis, and monitoring.

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