Other Sectors
All industries are equally important, and that is why at HEXA Ingenieros we also work for other sectors.

In the end, automated solutions or management software may have different characteristics, but they will always be focused on meeting common needs for each industry.

At HEXA, we have worked to:

  • Automotive sector
  • Aeronautics
  • Textile industry
  • Waters
  • Warehouses and logistics
  • Mobile platforms and lifting systems

At HEXA we offer the possibility of supporting other engineering companies through our collaboration, and thus making our union serve to meet delivery deadlines.

Supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA): SCADA systems offer comprehensive monitoring throughout your supply chain.

Distributed Control System (DCS): the more control you have over your facilities, the easier it is to maintain that control.

Batch processing: One of the most useful benefits of implementing an automated solution is maintaining autonomy, without always having to take a hands-on approach.

Traceability systems: Increasing visibility throughout the supply chain is essential to improve production quality.

Manufacturing Execution / Manufacturing Operations Management Systems: MES / MOM solutions are the perfect way to maintain optimal control over a fully integrated automated platform.

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