At HEXA Ingenieros we’re as committed as ever to giving baccalaureate students — who in less than a year’s time will have to decide their future paths — a chance to experience the world of work first-hand. 

On this occasion, two students from the Logos International School in Las Rozas, Madrid, spent three days with us.  

While here, they got to see day-to-day working life and understand how companies are structured, what each department does and just how important teamwork is. At the same time, they received an introduction to the technical side of project implementation. 

On one of the three days, they even had the opportunity to visit a client, one of Spain’s biggest breadmakers. The site visit gave the students a chance to see how the work done in the office is applied in the real world. 

Programmes like these give baccalaureate students the chance to gain an overview of how businesses operate, which helps them form an idea of which degree they would like to take, or even opens up a new range of possibilities if they’re still not sure which course to choose. 

We’d strongly encourage other companies to partner with secondary schools to help them add extra depth to the education that our future employees receive. 

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