Case of success
Objective of the project

The objective of the project is to update the customer’s control system, since it is in the process of obsolescence. It currently has a PCS7 distributed control system and the parameters of the different processes are configurable through the use of recipes. Recipes and their execution are managed by an independent external application that communicates with the control system via OPC.

The system is based on Siemens hardware and software:

  • Distributed control system: PCS7 version 8.0 (S7-400 PLC and SCADA WinCC).
  • Recipe management application: developed in Simatic Batch v8.0.
  • Information network: Ethernet.
  • Control network: Profibus.
  • Monitoring redundancy via a client-server system with redundant WinCC and Batch servers.
  • A reliable and durable system for many years.
  • New functionalities in the application.
  • Redundancy in the system, which gives the customer peace of mind that they will not stop producing or losing data.
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