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To maximize productivity and minimize downtime, you need technology and equipment that make sense for your workflow. HEXA Ingenieros serves as your go-to manufacturing consultant, providing you with the project management tools you need to align your supply chain and long-term business strategy.

Each specific step reflects a critical part of preparing your facility for future success; The industry consultant you work with must put in the time, effort, and due diligence required to fine-tune each area of your workflow. Our process aims to leave no stone unturned. The more time we spend determining how and why your facility works the way it does, the easier it will be for our team to deliver high-quality solutions.

Our staff together with our client form an inseparable binomial throughout the life of the project, to try between both parties to obtain the maximum benefit both in control of the project and in the optimization of the services provided.

KNOW the client’s needs, how he works, what he needs, how he needs it and when he needs it are the first steps to define.

COLLECT , economic information, necessary human resources as well as material resources are part of this first stage of the process

TO PLAN The work in detail can suppose an optimization of the performance obtained by the client minimizing possible stops in production.

DETAIL and specifying all the steps to be carried out during the project provides assurance to the client of the correct implementation of the project and guarantees the success and involvement of both parties

IMPLANTATION of the works defined in the previous phase taking care and detail so as not to deviate in the scope of the project.

CONTROLLING Deviations that can always arise, the sooner the problem is addressed and the client is notified, the more control both parties will obtain in the implementation of the project. Information is the key.

The MAINTENANCE of the installation to avoid possible production stoppages is a service that HEXA has always provided. Not only as an after-sales service but also as a guarantee of the quality of the service offered by Hexa.

The TRAINING of the personnel that operates and maintains the plant strengthens the relationship between both parties to go hand in hand towards the future. Good training minimizes problems and involves staff in proposing improvements.

DEFINE the new method. From there, we delivered the new method to all relevant staff members through demonstrations.

IMPLEMENT the new method. We recognize that staff members need work experience for the new business process; we take the time to work on each specific phase of the installation.
CONTROL applying the new standard once the results have been obtained and comparing them with the objectives.

We have already said that the HEXA-client relationship we try to be continued and many of our clients can ratify it, so at this point we would start again with a new and exciting project.

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