Advised by our Sales Department, IBERCERAS SPECIALTIES, belonging to SIWAX group, one of the world’s biggest wax mixers — and a long-standing Hexa Ingenieros client — recently decided to upgrade its production control system. The legacy system ran on obsolete control hardware that was no longer supported by suppliers.

The existing set-up comprised 6 independent manufacturing zones run by PLCs installed individually over a period of years and without any clear-cut control strategy. 

Furthermore, the custom-developed MES running on the top layer was being used to verify that production processes were performed to the work methods validated by the Process Department, an approach that was far from appropriate for this type of system.

After preliminary data-gathering beside to the client and analysis to identify the best solution for the current factory layout, and based on the resources that the client already had in operation, Hexa proposed the following solutions:

  • Remove all the PLCs and convert the system into a distributed periphery based on a single PLC to unify criteria, standardize facilities and centralize management. 
  • Develop a SCADA system to extract the plant’s visual and operating parameters from the MES, leaving the latter in charge of solely the management and configuration processes.
  • Migrate the MES to a cutting-edge web application so that operators with appropriate privileges can access it from anywhere in the plant.

To avoid lengthy production stoppages and the losses they inevitably entail, we implemented the project in stages. This minimized both the effort required from the client and the risk involved in making the transition.

Hexa Ingenieros and IBERCERAS SPECIALITIES have now successfully completed stage one of the upgrade, implementing technology provided by a world-class manufacturer with extensive technical support worldwide. 

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