Comunidad de Madrid will allocate 2.5 million euros to small and medium-sized companies so as to work towards digitization

Conventional PLC and SCADA solutions are reaching their limit as the Industry is gaining in complexity. Moreover, a fully integrated system is needed to expedite the exchange of information among several departments and at the same time, to control, supervise and coordinate all aspects of production. It is foreseen that companies, not being automated in 10 years time, will simply become extinct. Automation is something unstoppable. It is an irreversible process. Go digital or bust…but why are most companies so skeptical about automation? It is merely because companies are afraid of not knowing how to confront with changes and the cost it implies.

Nevertheless, companies should be aware that ROI can be quickly achieved, reducing management costs by 20%, and increasing productivity by more than 20%. By 2025, automation will have increased Europe’s GDP by 10%, that is why Spanish companies have to join this change in order to become more competitive; otherwise, discontinue to exist.

Recent studies show that Spain ranks 35 in terms of digitalization. Being the 14th most powerful country in the world, it is underperforming far below its real economic powers. Such is why the Government has to continue investing in R&D so as to encourage automation. More specifically, Comunidad de Madrid will allocate 2.5 million euros in order to help SMBs. The amount will be decided depending on the size, location and type of project to subsidize, with a maximum amount of 300,000 euros for small businesses and 200,000 euros for the medium companies.

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