On the 13th of September, we attended “Desayuno de trabajo” with Rosa Garcia, president and CEO of Siemens Spain, under the headline “The digital transformation key of the country’s competitiveness”. One of the vital points to consider was to understand the importance of automation as an opportunity for growth and not as a decrease in costs. We must promote the importance of establishing the implementation and planning of digital strategies in companies. Companies that are automated will have a distinguishing feature against their competitors and marketplaces in general.

Furthermore, investments in automation will obtain more value-added products and services, increasing sales and having faster growth.

“Desayuno de trabajo”, aims to bring executives, entrepreneurs and even entrepreneurs of different types of businesses together, so that they can contribute their ideas, share their experiences, discuss their products and thereby achieve business relationships that will make growth possible.

In this event, Hexa Ingenieros will participate in a discussion that will help further development and prosper within the sector.

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