Modernize your facilities with distributed control systems

The more complex your industrial processes, the more sophisticated you need your management system to be. Distributed Control Systems (DCS) have helped companies control their processes for more than 40 years. A DCS includes a single, consolidated database that contains all signals (up to 250,000), variables, graphical objects, alarms, and system events.

  • Expert support: we have certified technicians. There is no solution provider more qualified to optimize your installations.
  • Multi-user programming platform that allows multiple users to work on a project simultaneously while remaining secure and without conflicts between versions.
  • Robust and reliable communication network and control functions designed to maximize productivity.
  • Equipment synchronization in all measurements, alarms, events and other areas.
  • Redundancy at all levels, including IT equipment, controllers, communication networks, and input / output modules for easy backup and performance replication.

If you are a facility manager (or an employee working in a supply chain), you need to ensure that you have access to as much information as possible. Increasing visibility throughout your supply chain is critical to maximizing performance and generating high-quality, repeatable results. You can program your system, centralize operations and develop programmable logic controller (PLC) monitoring from one convenient platform.

The DCS software also includes tools that simplify the management of plant information (and its vertical integration into the supply chain), allowing the facility manager to establish a system for the entire production hierarchy. Automated control systems give you a real-time view of the inner workings of your processes and allow you to make necessary changes in areas that might otherwise be overlooked or neglected.

You don’t want to be stuck with a system that doesn’t optimize its performance. HEXA engineers make sure every system we install is the perfect fit for what you want to achieve.

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