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Which solution am I most interested in?

This is the question most customers ask themselves. What kind of software am I most interested in? Standard or custom? Licenses for software on the market are expensive, but something made to measure is always more expensive than something prefabricated, right?

This is not always the case, a customized software adapts to the requirements of your needs. On the other hand, a standard software, by the mere fact of being one, has been designed to try to cover operations that do not have to interest you, but that do fall within the cost of the tool.

  • Flexible the way you work
  • Designed to your liking and depending on the product you manufacture
  • Useful features
  • Scalable to where the customer wants
  • Comprehensive data collection, analysis and sharing depending on your needs.

At HEXA we develop tailor-made information management software through the most innovative technology, so that the client can obtain everything they need in the way they need it.

Although standard software may seem cheaper in the short term, reality often dictates otherwise. Factors such as the adjustments required for each new case that arises, end up assuming a higher cost over time.

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