Case of success
Objective of the project

The customer has an outdated facility that controls multiple process facilities. This installation causes a multitude of problems because it is not well defined at the beginning, as well as because it has outdated control hardware.

The customer is advised to fully update the system under the following premises:

  • Update control hardware (TIA PORTAL offered)
  • Separate process zones into different control systems
  • Comply with the Data Integrity regulations as a pioneering customer installation in compliance with said standard. The guidelines for the implementation of the standard will be used in future installations.
  • Minimum downtime of the installation.
  • Eliminate the Profibus network that causes so many problems.
  • The system is based on hardware and software from Siemens TIA PORTAL (S7-1500 + TP1200).
  • Client server with Simatic Logon for centralized user management.
  • Each panel has an Audit Trail license.
  • The generated files are stored encrypted on a network path.
  • Separation of the control systems to be able to work in one installation with the other without tension.
  • Installation and documentation validated by the client.
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