It’s now 17 years since we made our start in automation and industrial computing, 17 years of innovating and creating new custom-made solutions for our clients, not only enhancing their systems, but also developing our own methodology and acquiring the new knowledge necessary to grow as a company in both engineering and human terms, and always doing so hand-in-hand with our engineering team and partners. It goes without saying that this growth would never have been possible without our clients’ faith in us.

At HEXA Ingenieros, we’re celebrating this anniversary by expanding our team here in Spain and opening a new subsidiary in St Louis, Missouri. And we’re as enthusiastic about tackling these new challenges today as we were 17 years ago when we took our first steps on this path. Our aim for the coming years remains unchanged: to deliver outstanding service.

Thank you for making this possible.

José Mª Guillén

Chief Executive

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